Coral's Journey

From her very first stage performance, dancing before an audience of 1200 at Hamilton’s Founder’s Theatre, it was clear that Coral Pitcher was destined for a career on the stage. Three years later, she returned to that very same stage as a soloist with Suzanne Prentice and the New Zealand “Kids for Kids” national concert.  

These early experiences ignited Coral’s life goals and ambitions, making music an integral part of her life. She embraced every opportunity to learn and grow as a musician, even in the face of financial challenges as the daughter of a solo parent. Coral threw herself into school programs, plays, choir, guitar, piano, and vocal training—all accessible at school. Additionally, she gained live performing experience by attending music clubs, festivals, and busking at the local market every Saturday morning.  

As her confidence soared, Coral ventured into singing competitions, starting with school events and progressing to regional and national contests like Waikato’s Young Entertainers, Battle of the Bands, and Rock-Quest, often securing victories or placing in the top three. In 2008, she even reached the semi-finals of TVs New Zealand’s Got Talent.  

While still in school, Coral joined her mother Emmeline, a successful singer and seasoned performer, in her professional road shows, traveling across New Zealand and performing in various venues. This exposure allowed Coral to strengthen her vocals and live performance skills, while also learning the practical and business aspects of the industry.  

It became evident that Coral was more than ready for her own gigs as a solo singer/guitarist. She began performing regularly in hotels, restaurants, weddings, private functions, and festivals, sometimes doing 3 to 5 gigs a week. A standout moment was her performance at a “Chiefs” rugby match in 2014 before a massive crowd of 20,000, who thoroughly enjoyed her music.  

Coral's passion for songwriting emerged at the age of fourteen, and she developed a strong partnership with her mother, who excelled in crafting lyrics. Winning a band competition allowed her to record her first original song, 'Second hand Serving,' which gained significant attention on Soundcloud, building her local fan base. In 2013, she signed with Starlight Entertainment and released her first official single, 'The Rolling Stone,' expanding her reach through social media and gaining international recognition and radio plays in the USA.  

After leaving Starlight Entertainment, Coral independently released an Acoustic EP in 2014, selling over 1000 hard copies at her gigs. In early 2015, she successfully crowdfunded her first fully produced album, 'My Addictive D.N.A.,' and won a $10,000 prize for her music video 'Shooting you up.' During the same year, she became New Zealand's first Tron Music Trust Mentoree, opened for prominent bands, and performed on TVNZ's 'The Good Morning Show.'  

In 2016, Coral completed her album 'My Addictive DNA' and released another music video for "Second Hand Serving," earning accolades in prestigious international music competitions, including winning Best New Artist 2016 for Face TV. Her album release party at Altitude Nightclub was a remarkable success.  

In 2018, Coral achieved tremendous recognition by winning 3 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal, and 1 Bronze Medal at the World Championships of the Performing Arts in Long Beach, USA. 

 Coral persisted in captivating audiences across the country with her enchanting performances, while her spare moments were joyfully devoted to her home studio. There, she nurtured her creative spirit, honing her craft as a songwriter, and delving into the depths of her imagination to craft heartfelt and compelling songs. The studio became her sanctuary, where she immersed herself fully in the art of writing, exploring new musical landscapes and expressing her deepest emotions through her evocative compositions. 

In 2022, Coral stumbled upon the profound realm of Sound Therapy, a transformative discovery that ignited a passionate journey into the healing power of sound. Fueled by her ardor for this ancient art, Coral immersed herself in intensive study, unlocking the secrets of how sound can bring solace and rejuvenation to the soul. 

As her knowledge and expertise deepened, Coral ventured into facilitating 1:1 Sound Therapy sessions and leading Group Meditations. Guided by her innate understanding of harmonious frequencies, she skillfully creates immersive soundscapes that resonate with individuals, encouraging profound healing and inner alignment. 

With unwavering determination, Coral birthed her own venture called 'Ruru's Sound Seeds,' an enterprise devoted to the art of Sound Therapy and Voice Activation. Through 'Ruru's Sound Seeds,' Coral shares her gifts, helping others unlock their true potential, harnessing the power of sound to create positive shifts and lasting transformations in their lives. This heartfelt endeavor reflects Coral's dedication to enhancing well-being and illuminating the path to inner harmony for all who seek it.

 In 2023, Coral continues to shine as a musical force, captivating her audience with her latest song 'As I Rise,' which has already garnered over 33,000 views. This new release showcases Coral's artistic growth and her ability to connect deeply with listeners through her music.  

In addition to 'As I Rise,' Coral has gifted her fans with a soul-stirring Piano accompanied EP titled 'Keys of Passage.' The EP transports listeners on a journey through emotions, artfully combining her captivating vocals with the evocative melodies of the piano.  

With each new creation, Coral reaffirms her position as a versatile and talented artist, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who encounter her music. As she continues to evolve, we can only anticipate more beautiful and awe-inspiring works from this gifted musician.

Highlights in picture

Semifinalist 'New Zealand's got talent' 2008

Winner of Women's Musicianship Award Regional Finals Smoke-free Rock Quest 2010

Opening The Chiefs Rudgy game at The Waikato Stadium in front of 20,000 people July 2014

Single release Party 2013

Single release 2013

Third place Regional Finals Smoke-free Rock-Quest 2009

Opening for New Zealand's Biggest Rock band Devilskin 2015

Professional career lunched in 2009. First publicity photo! With Emmeline Pitcher